Our air conditioner had been playing up and hardly working, until the guys from Air Conditioning Service Perth WA sorted it all out, and now its working better than ever.

Will Bryant, Perth

Ah it is so great to finally have an air conditioner that is working to full capacity. Within hours these guys were at our door and our air con was all fixed.

Michael Ryan

I use Air Conditioning Service Perth WA every year to service my air con, and since then I have not had a single problem. My house stays cool in summer, and warm in winter. For reliable service I recommend.

Caitlin Powell

The team were very friendly, very efficient and very polished. Their experience really showed in their work, as the job was completed simply and hassle free..

Jade Brider

I couldn’t believe how low price the services was! My manufacturer wanted to charge me double, and so for me that was a massive win in using these air con servicemen.

Linda Gondin

I would like to give a massive thankyou to Air Conditioning Service Perth WA. They have helped me with my air conditioner a number of times, whether for servicing, repairs or advice over the phone. I’m very satisfied with their services.

Damien Charles